Tres Vistas Recovery

Addiction Medicine & Addiction Treatment Centers located in San Juan Capistrano, CA


At Tres Vistas Recovery we believe that Nutrition is a key ingredient to long term recovery. We offer free consultation on Nutrition status along with the ability to use insurance for a comprehensive panel of blood tests to check you nutritional status. Based off of these labs you can use your insurance to have Dr. Headrick interpret them for you, or you can pay to see our certified Nutritionist who will not only interpret them for you, but help you develop a long term plan to meet your nutrition goals, and help you to start feeling your best.

We utilize Boston Heart for our comprehensive nutritional panel, and we also utilize quest diagnostics for more basic lab panels.

Dr. Headrick and our Certified Nutritionist Kerry Wagner RN, also do a weekly group at the outpatient facility to discuss nutrition and all the ways that it could be effecting your long term recovery. Between supplements and changing dietary patterns we have watched people transform their physical being. Patients who utilize this service often feel better than they have in years after just a couple months.

If you are looking to focus on nutrition as well as recovery Tres Vistas has the ability to serve you in both.