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Client Testimonials

“This was my 7th attempt at a treatment center in two years and I needed serious help. My addiction started early in high school when I turned 14 and eventually, it changed to smoking weed, drinking, heroin and everything in between. Thank you Tres Vistas Recovery. ”
“My experience has been very positive at Tres Vistas Recovery. I’ve been able to regain confidence and maintain a clean and drug-free life style. I currently have six months clean. Through the loving therapy and the music program here at Tres Vistas Recovery, it has helped me find an outlet and love. ”
“My drug addiction spiraled completely out of control and I was looking at facing years in state prison, two years loss of driver’s license and three years probation. Being in a situation where I lose my family, including two children, I needed help. Thank God for Tres Vistas Recovery."

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