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Recovery means you put an end to your physical dependency on drugs or alcohol. But the process of recovery doesn’t stop there. Therapy supports you emotionally as you learn to process your emotions, handle challenging life situations, and resist the urge to use substances. Daniel Headrick, MD, and the licensed therapists at Tres Vistas Recovery provide evidence-based therapy and counseling services that help you recover fully from addiction and maintain long-lasting sobriety. To learn more about individual, group, or family therapy services, call the office in San Juan Capistrano, California today.

Therapy Q & A

What is therapy?

Therapy, sometimes called counseling or psychotherapy, is a treatment for psychological and emotional problems. It typically involves an individual talking to a licensed mental health professional.

The therapist listens carefully and provides non-judgemental insight into the patient’s feelings and behaviors. Over time, therapy can help you feel positive and capable and provide you with the skills to cope with life’s challenges in a healthy way.

How does therapy help with addiction recovery?

Addiction causes physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. It also has a harmful effect on your mental and emotional health. These aspects of addiction make it extremely difficult to resist the urge to use substances, even after you have completed your physical detox from substance dependency.

Therapy helps you develop an understanding of the feelings that drive you to use alcohol or drugs. It also helps you learn to express your feelings and handle them in a non-addictive manner. As you learn to communicate, become more present in your body, and accept limitations that you cannot change, you experience less desire to use substances.

Even as your attitude becomes more positive, specific triggers make it hard to avoid relapse. Stress, social situations, relationship struggles, and many other factors can trigger a powerful urge to use opioids, alcohol, and other drugs.

Therapy helps you learn to resist these intense cravings so you can continue your journey on the road to life-long recovery; it also addresses co-occurring mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, or PTSD.

What is involved in therapy for addiction recovery?

Tres Vistas Recovery offers a broad range of evidence-based therapy options to help you through the process of ending addiction. Depending on your personal needs, your customized recovery plan may include the following:

You can also benefit from holistic therapy approaches, such as yoga, art, sound healing, massage, horticulture, nutrition, and acupuncture.

Research demonstrates that therapy combined with medication-assisted treatment (MAT) reduces the risk of relapse. It helps families cope with the struggles of addiction and provide support to their loved ones through the recovery journey. And the positive effects of therapy also extend beyond addiction treatment, offering an array of benefits for mental and physical health.

For effective treatment of substance use disorders with high-quality therapy services, schedule a confidential consultation at Tres Vistas Recovery. Call the office today.

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