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Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Orange County, CA

Embark on your journey to wellness with us. Tres Vistas Recovery is a premier addiction treatment center located in the serene setting of San Juan Capistrano, California. Our specialized outpatient programs aim to help individuals battling substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders reclaim their lives and navigate toward a healthier tomorrow.

Every journey to recovery is unique. At Tres Vistas Recovery, we tailor our treatment approaches to fit each individual’s needs. Our compassionate, experienced team provides personalized care and treatment programs designed to help our clients overcome their challenges and thrive.

We recognize that substance use often coincides with other mental health issues, creating complex challenges that require a holistic approach. Our multidisciplinary team is trained to diagnose and treat dual disorders, ensuring that our clients receive comprehensive care to address all aspects of their well-being.

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Our Treatment Program

Individual & Group Therapy

Our individual therapy sessions provide a safe, confidential environment for clients to explore their personal struggles and experiences with addiction. Our professional therapists apply evidence-based therapies to help clients understand the root of their addiction and develop effective coping mechanisms. Group therapy offers a supportive environment where clients can share experiences, learn from others, and build a supportive network that fosters recovery.

Life Skills Training

Recovery involves more than just overcoming substance use—it’s about building a healthy, productive life. Our life skills training programs teach practical skills like stress management, financial planning, and job searching to help our clients navigate life confidently and independently post-recovery.

Relapse Prevention

Sustaining recovery is a lifelong process. We equip our clients with strategies and tools to identify triggers, manage cravings, and maintain long-term sobriety. Our goal is to empower each individual with the knowledge and resilience needed to prevent relapse.

Family Programs and Support

Addiction affects not only the individual but also their loved ones. Our family programs offer education about addiction and recovery, provide strategies for supporting the recovering individual, and help families rebuild trust and healthy relationships.

Client Testimonials

“This was my 7th attempt at a treatment center in two years and I needed serious help. My addiction started early in high school when I turned 14 and eventually, it changed to smoking weed, drinking, heroin and everything in between. Thank you Tres Vistas Recovery. ”
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“My experience has been very positive at Tres Vistas Recovery. I’ve been able to regain confidence and maintain a clean and drug-free life style. I currently have six months clean. Through the loving therapy and the music program here at Tres Vistas Recovery, it has helped me find an outlet and love. ”
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“My drug addiction spiraled completely out of control and I was looking at facing years in state prison, two years loss of driver’s license and three years probation. Being in a situation where I lose my family, including two children, I needed help. Thank God for Tres Vistas Recovery."
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