How Does Family Inclusion Work?

How Does Family Inclusion Work?

When you’re in the middle of a substance use disorder, it’s likely that you isolated yourself or behaved in a way that may have forced family members to distance themselves from you. Now that you’re in recovery, it’s time to mend those bridges and get back into the family fold, which is where family inclusion can help.

As part of our residential treatment program, Dr. Daniel Headrick and the team of addiction specialists here at Tres Vistas Recovery offer specialized family services, which includes family inclusion.

Here, we explore the potential benefits of involving your family in your recovery.

Defining family inclusion

When you embark on residential treatment for your substance use disorder, we maintain the strictest of privacy policies, which means your business with us is your own. Through our family inclusion program, you give permission to us to share your recovery journey with certain family members during the first seven days of your inpatient treatment.

It can be very hard for family members when you “disappear” into our residential program, and they have no news about your progress. Of course, this exclusion is likely something with which family members are all too familiar as you likely didn’t communicate with them much during your substance use.

Through family inclusion, you can invite key family members back into your life, which is often the first step toward regaining trust and re-establishing clear communication channels.

Our family inclusion program also includes two, on-site therapy sessions during which you and your family can sit down together and work through any issues that may have developed during your substance use disorder. This type of third-party intervention can be critical in overcoming problems and misunderstandings that may have been brewing for years.

Ongoing family services

We recognize the importance of family support when you’ve been through something as destructive and frightening as a substance use disorder. Aside from our family inclusion program, we also several other family-oriented services, including:

These programs allow you opportunities to reconnect with your family in a safe space where experts are on hand to provide education and support. 

Family services are especially important during the early days of recovery as emotions can be raw — both yours and those of your family. Our team is well versed in handling even the most difficult family relationships and our goal is to help you rebuild family ties that are based on transparency, trust, and love.

To learn more about family inclusion program and our other family services, we invite you to contact our office in San Juan Capistrano, California.

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