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Tres Vistas Recovery Announces New Programs and New Website

We are excited to announce our beautiful website is live! The Tres Vistas Recovery center’s website is a destination as welcoming and warm as our world-renowned recovery center tucked on a hill in Orange County, California overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Our private, serene setting is home to a world where recovery is achievable and sustainable. We are interested in attending to the whole person—their addiction, their psychology, and physicality. These are the three views or the “tres vistas” that compel us to offer some of the most empowering and lasting recovery work.

The Tres Vistas message to you is this: recovery is available to you if you want it. If you are interested in a life you can love that is rich with health, sobriety, and vitality, we are poised to usher you into this transformative work.

Founder and owner, Dr. Daniel Headrick, MD, continually maintains training in the field of chemical dependency so patients are assured the most current, sound medical expertise while withdrawing from substance addiction. His careful monitoring combined with our board registered interventionist and Director of Business Development, Leonard Wayne’s holistic approach to healing the mind, body, and spirit means the results our patients’ experience are life-altering.

“Dr. Dan” is one of the country’s leading addiction specialists, delivering passionate guidance to healing substance use disorders through a broad range of traditional and alternative therapies. He is uniquely qualified to assist clients and their loved ones through one of the finest drug and alcohol treatment programs in Southern California.

The Tres Vistas grounds are beautifully maintained to offer serenity and peace. Our executive chef prepares whole, delicious foods for meals that both complement and bolster the important work of treatment and recovery. Tres Vistas staff provides individualized attention since each person in the throng of addiction comes to recovery with their own unique families, circumstances and passions.

Discover our Program offerings, meet our staff, tour our facility and most importantly please feel welcome at Tres Vistas where you can commence a whole, healed-up life of lasting recovery worth living into. But don’t take our word for it:

“My drug addiction spiraled completely out of control and I was looking at facing years in state prison, two years loss of driver’s license and three years probation. Being in a situation where I lose my family, including two children, I needed help. Thank God for Tres Vistas Recovery—I cannot express enough gratitude to Leonard for guiding me to where I am today. After the negative experience I endured at two other facilities, I am overjoyed with the results here with Dr. Dan. All staff, including the chef, was beyond my expectations.” -Liza G.

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