Critical Questions To Ask When Choosing A Treatment Center​


Do you offer Biochemical Restoration, and how do you define Biochemical Restoration?

Yes, Tres Vistas Recovery offers Biochemical Restoration. “Biochemical restoration” refers to restoring the proper balance of neurotransmitters in your brain.Most addicts use the substances to which they’re addicted to numb their feelings and provide immediate relief from uncomfortable emotions such as fear. These substances affect the neurotransmitters. Over a period of time they get out of balance.Tres Vistas Recovery uses cutting edge technology, including Niagen (NAD) in supplement or IV form, to provide the biochemical restoration that clients need.

What does the recovery center do to eliminate depression, anxiety, sleep problems, mood swings, and racing mind?

Tres Vistas Recovery uses cutting-edge technology, such as NAD patches.

How many different medical lab test does each patient receive? Can the patient and/or family receive a faxed copy of each set of lab results?

At Tres Vistas Recovery, each patient receives three different medical lab tests per week. Of course, results can be faxed to the appropriate people with patients consent.

Does the facility provide an explanation of each lab test?

Yes, Tres Vistas Recovery explains the results of each lab test.

How involved is the Medical Director with client care and how available is this physician for client needs?

Dr. Dan Headrick is the Owner and Medical Director of Tres Vistas Recovery. He is at the facility on a daily basis, including visiting the residents nearly every evening.

How many individual, one-on-one counseling sessions will the client receive each week?

At Tres Vistas Recovery, each participant receives 3 one-on-one counseling sessions each week.

Are the counselors Masters Level and licensed?

Unlike what is found at most Recovery Treatment Centers, all of the counselors at Tres Vistas Recovery are licensed professionals with Masters Degrees.

Is the program holistic in nature?

Yes, the program at Tres Vistas Recovery is extremely holistic in nature. In fact, “tres vistas” means “three views,” and it refers to our focus on each individual’s physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.

Is the treatment plan customized to the client’s individual needs and goals?

Yes, individualization is a hallmark of the Tres Vistas program.

Does the client participate in creating their treatment plan?

Yes, at Tres Vistas Recovery the client is an integral part of the planning process.

Does the Center prescribe addictive medications such as benzodiazepines or opiates?

Yes, the Center prescribes medications such as Suboxone to heroin addicts to help them get through detoxification.

Does the Center allow clients to take other prescription medications?

Yes. Clients who are on prescribed medications from their psychiatrist, such as pain meds or medications to treat bipolar disorder, are able to continue taking these medications (provided, of course, they are using them correctly). If medications need adjusting, Dr. Headrick, joins the residents at the facility almost every night. He can write a customized prescription, and our on-site nurse can call the prescription in to our pharmacist and have the revised medications available in a matter of hours.

Will the client go on any outings?

Yes. Those participating in our Residential Treatment Program go on a half-day outing every weekend. Because the Program is limited to just six people, we are able to let the group decide on each week’s destination. Popular choices include the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Wild Animal Park, shopping malls, movies, beaches, hiking, and more. In addition, every Sunday morning Dr. Headrick takes those who are interested to a nearby Spiritual Center with him.

What kind of meals will be served? For example: sugar-free, low carbohydrates, healthy, natural, or organic.

The meals at Tres Vistas Recovery, which are prepared by our in-house Executive Chef, are all of the above as well as incredibly delicious.

Will the client meet with a licensed Nutritionist?

Yes. Francisco, our chef, is also a licensed nutritionist. He creates a customized nutrition plan for each resident, and then implements it. Because many addicts are also poor eaters, one of our goals at Tres Vistas is to encourage clients to get passionate about eating healthy foods and taking healthy supplements that actually work.

What length of time does the client continue to receive counseling following the initial treatment phase? And is there is an extra cost?

Tres Vistas Recovery provides a one-year, no-cost program of support, counseling and referrals for those who successfully complete any program at Tres Vistas Recovery and remain in the area.

How often does the team meet to discuss the client’s clinical and medical progress?

The Tres Vistas team meets two times each week.

Is the staff available 24/7?

Yes. The Tres Vistas Recovery staff is available 24/7.

Is the treatment center licensed by the state?

Yes, of course, Tres Vistas Recovery is fully licensed by the state of California.

Will clients have access to their cell phones and laptops?

Yes. This is a treatment program, not a jail.

Does the treatment center provide the client with a complete breakdown of costs for treatment in such a way that they can compare the cost with other treatment centers?

Yes. Tres Vistas makes it as easy as possible for you to be sure that this Program is the right one for you.


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