Essential Continuing Support

Upon Completion Of Our Program, We Offer A Variety Of Tools For Continuing Care​

Weekly Alumni Meetings

Our alumni comes together with staff to discuss progress, plan activities, have fun and fellowship.


Online TVR Alumni Blog

a 24/7 way to connect with fellow alumni and staff where we share milestones, daily affirmations, gratitude lists and much more.


Volunteer Activities

Giving back and being of service is an aspect of recovery. Our alumni has the opportunity to lead the groups that they participated in.


After 90 days sobriety and/or completion of our program, our clients lead groups such as Horticulture Therapy, Art Therapy, speaker panels and yoga



SoberLink – SoberLink is a breathalyzer device that is available for accountability at the client’s discretion. This monitoring system sends private messages to the clients support system to update them on their test results daily.


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