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If you or someone you love suffers from addiction to opioids, other drugs, or alcohol, they may qualify for a residential treatment program. The luxury, high-end residential treatment program at Tres Vistas Recovery in San Juan Capistrano, California, provides around the clock support for patients with a physical dependence on substances, dual diagnosis, and other conditions. To learn more about residential addiction treatment from Daniel Headrick, MD, and other addiction specialists, call the office today.

Residential Treatment Q & A

What is a residential treatment program?

Individuals who feel a strong sense of motivation to recover from addiction may benefit from a residential treatment program. This voluntary recovery program offers personalized medical and emotional support around the clock.

Tres Vistas Recovery offers high-end, luxury residential programs that help you detox safely and provide the fundamental tools for lasting recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

The skilled staff onsite at Tres Vistas Recovery includes:

  • Case managers
  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Licensed doctors and other medical professionals
  • Addiction specialists and counselors
  • Family therapists
  • Nutritionists
  • Fitness and wellness experts

Using a combined, holistic approach, the skilled addiction specialists at Tres Vistas Recovery help you understand addiction's complicated emotions and develop healthy ways to express your feelings.

You also learn techniques that help you resist cravings, develop better communication skills, and obtain tools to make a lifelong recovery from addiction.

What is involved in a residential treatment program?

Most residential programs at Tres Vistas Recovery last 30 days, during which you may choose a private or double room, depending on availability. During your program, you can enjoy the beautiful, secluded grounds as well as amenities such as a pool, jacuzzi, and nutritious chef-prepared meals.

Your recovery journey begins with a comprehensive physical and psychiatric evaluation by a physician specializing in addiction psychiatry and medication. Typically, the first stage of recovery, medical detox, provides expert care during detox that keeps you comfortable and safe when you stop using drugs or alcohol.

When detox is complete, you follow your 12-step personalized treatment plan, custom-designed by your expert provider at Tres Vistas Recovery. Depending on the type of substance use disorder and other individual factors, your personalized inpatient recovery program may include:

Tres Vistas Recovery also offers holistic treatments, including massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga, mindfulness practices, and other options to support your overall health and wellness on your journey to long-lasting addiction recovery.

Am I a candidate for a residential treatment program?

If you're ready to end your struggles with substance abuse, a consultation that includes a comprehensive physical and psychiatric assessment can determine which type of treatment program best meets your individual needs and goals.

Patients with physical dependency, chronic pain, and other medical conditions may require a residential program to remain safe during the first stages of recovery.

Patients who don't qualify for a residential program can benefit from the intensive outpatient programs available at Tres Vistas Recovery.

To schedule a confidential consultation, call Tres Vistas Recovery today.